People Who MacGyvered Their Way Out Of A Problem.

Sometimes there are many things at home that you will need to hire an expert to repair but in some cases, all it takes is a little will and some creativity to fix them. These people had some very weird ideas to get things working again…if they ever did work again. Glue, duct tape, and imagination seem to be all the tools you need to get your home up and running and the results might not be useful but they are definitely hilarious. That is the best thing in these cases: even though you can’t fix it, at least we can all get a good laugh about your effort.


Since the laptop charger was constantly falling out this person decided it would be a good idea to have a glue gun involved to make sure it stays in its place. 



Who would repaint a broken wall when you can turn it into a modern piece of art just by printing out a picture of Jack Nicholson in The Shining? Here comes Johnny. 


Book holder

I have no idea if this is stupid or one of the most clever things I have seen: a dog leash that holds your book and keeps it dry while you take a long bath. 



We all know that getting a bump in your car fixed can be very expensive and unfortunately if you don’t have the money you have to use it like that or add a bit of adventure to it. 



When people are as resourceful as this person is, there are no limits or possibilities to get things done. Much harder than an HDMI plug, but still does the trick. 



If your shower head is broken, there is no need to run to the store and buy a brand new one that will probably cost a lot of money: all you need is a bottle of Mountain Dew and your imagination.


Lego for wires

This is actually a great way to put toys that you would normally use as ornaments to solve an everyday problem such as wire chaos around your desk. This is something I would imitate. 



We all live on this planet and it is our responsibility to take care of it and recycle as much as we can like this person did by adding a knob to his car to replace a part. Or he was just cheap.



Have you ever craved a cake so much that you would do pretty much anything to have it as soon as possible? This person decided that stirring would not be a problem. 



I can only imagine this person being ever so proud of its work and thinking „I’m so creative, I did a great job and nobody will ever be able to notice that the clock was broken“



Do you know those hair brushes that come with a little mirror on the back? They already were pretty good with two uses, but this person apparently found a third one. 



People seem to think that old brooms can’t work for anything else, but that’s just being narrowly minded: see how this person made it the new addition to the car. 



I don’t mean to be mean but really, it is by far much better and has a lot more of dignity to leave the couch broken than adding a chair to it to keep it functional. 


That can’t be safe

We will always celebrate creativity and those who are able to think outside the box to create solutions, but this is by far the most dangerous and stupid thing someone could have done.


Door holders

If your dishwasher door keeps opening up don’t worry: nothing that can’t be solved using a broomstick and making the whole kitchen unavailable to enter. Not such a great idea.



I’m not sure if some of the people on this list are aware of this, but there are some parts of the car that are actually important aside from the way they look. Like lights, for instance.


Keeping it warm

Replacing a broken window in your car can be very expensive so why not get a little creative and recycle a home window with some foam around it? It’s original, at the very least.



Did you break the front light of your car and don’t want to be pulled over by the police by it? Worry no more, my friend: this person printed a picture of a light and taped it there. 



I can’t really understand how people that are able to do things like this can’t see to put that energy and creativity in inventions that make them millionaires. Seriously, think about it.



Apparently, nobody buys kitchen gadgets anymore and instead, all you need are your home tools and duct tape to make baking magic happen. The bottles on the back worry me.


Comfy seat

If you have never replaced a part of your bike with a tree branch and stuck it with duct tape like it is not a big deal, I’m not sure you can call yourself a creative person.


You might just as well throw it away

We are all about recycling and taking care of your things instead of throwing them away, but maybe this has gone a bit too far: is this plate even available to be used? 



If you have insisted your boyfriend to help you fix the kitchen water filter, don’t do it anymore: this could be your next sink. Call a professional instead, it will be worthy. 


Safety first

I can understand people trying to fix a plate or even a car with silly things, but adding tape to a brick column that could easily collapse seems like the dumbest possible idea. 


Good luck with that

There are some of this list’s pictures that will make you laugh and some of them like this one will make you want to take a sedative: isn’t this the most dangerous thing ever?



I can’t imagine how incredibly cheap you have to be to think that you will be able to replace the water heater with a candle attached to the shower head with a piece of rusty wire. 



Not everybody can afford a set of speakers so when necessity calls, some creative alternatives seem to appear, like this guy who used two empty bottles to make them.


Ceiling fan

I love those people that think that some things, like ceiling fans, can easily be replaced and it’s dumb to spend money on them when you can attach one with tape to your roof.



Why spending a lot of money on a brand new computer when you can create the Frankenstein version of it with a tablet, a regular keyboard and some plugs, right?


Lights on

If your car has no lights, I don’t think it’s a very good idea to replace them with camping lights added to it with tape. Probably not and I really hope you don’t plan on going on dates with that car.


Santa Vader

If Santa’s head falls off after so many years, there is no need to get a new one but you can create a new holiday instead by adding a beloved character’s head to it. Nobody will notice it.



This one is hilarious because people really seem to go out of their way to fix things with basically anything they have available. How long do you think this lasted? A day?



Of course, we all want the roofless cool car to drive around looking awesome but on rainy days, it may not look nearly as hip if you add an umbrella to it. Better take the bus. 


Locked door

Safety is a major thing for all of us and depending on where you park, you can’t take many chances to leave your car not secured enough. This, however, seems a bit too much. 



Apparently, home tools can work with pretty much anything, like this couple who used it to fix the blender. Wasn’t it less risky to go outside and buy a premade smoothie?



Sometimes you absolutely need to use something from your closet and if the dryer breaks at that same moment, you will need to get creative with the ventilation duct to have it ready.



Nothing screams creativity louder than fixing something using an apple and rubber bands. We hope that they found a solution that can last a little longer than this and doesn’t rot. 



If your CPU is overheating constantly, getting a cooler might be the best solution to enhance its performance and make sure it doesn’t break. This doesn’t seem that good, though.


Duct tape

Can you imagine getting on a plane and before taking off, looking out your window and thinking about your trip while you see someone fixing the plane with duct tape?



Replacing an elevator light takes a professional that can do it properly or just a neighbor with an extra night lamp that he apparently had no better use for than this. 



How many plugs can you have a Lego piece holding? Apparently a lot of them. However, I don’t know what would happen to the little toy if something heats up. It won’t be good. 


No shoes, no problem

Has a heel ever broke down on you in the middle of the streets or you just didn’t know which pair to match with your outfit? This girl and her plastic wrap didn’t have that problem.



Having a wheel replaced can be expensive so if you do the math, based on size and weight one of them can be replaced with four smaller ones, right? No. Don’t do that.


Oven mint

Finding a creative use to everyday to everyday objects is really a talent if you think about it. Not only this oven mint will clean the glass, it will also be as if someone is waving at you.



I’m not sure about this: either the dispenser broke down or someone was the laziest person on Earth when the time to replace it came. Still, doesn’t look so good, you guys. 



Apparently, people can spend a lot of money in technology but they are not up to spend a dime in repairing it properly when it breaks down. Not everything is a DIY project, you know.



Having your car fixed with rubber bands as if they were stitches can seem unlikely, but someone did it. I don’t know how long this might have lasted, though. Probably not long.



Replacing parts on your bike does not seem like the safest thing in the world, especially if you use a joystick and duct tape to do it. Not everything can be solved with duct tape.


2 in 1

If you have two cars and you crashed both, don’t worry: you can create your own kind of hybrid. It’s very recognizable in huge parking lots since there is no other like it.